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How to Photograph a Wedding Without Spending Months Learning from Mistakes...

How to Photograph a Wedding

How to Photograph a Wedding - Tips and Advice for Professionals and Beginners.

Whether you are already a professional or a competent amateur, it doesn't matter, I'll show you how you can literally transform your approach to wedding photography overnight.

The information and techniques on this site apply to all photographers, no matter your location or specialism. Forget about expensive courses, I will show you ways to learn wedding photography quickly and efficiently.

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how to photograph a wedding

Perhaps you've had advice from expert photographers... perhaps you've tried their plans and spent lots of money on their guidance?

You're still stuck with the same old methods. You see, most photography guides are based on theories "so and so" said, that all rely on what others have reported or have heard from unreliable sources.

They never reveal proven strategies that show you EXACTLY how to make your clients happy, without forcing you to pull your hair out!

They don't discuss the most vital part of working with people in this business!

You don't need some "theoritical" photography training program based on hours of repetition that's impossible to follow (not to mention doesn't work).

Do you know what's involved in photographing a wedding? If so you probably don't need to be at this site!

I do hope you agree however that there is always room for improvement!

Most amateur wedding photographers and even some professionals will benefit from the tips on this site.

Wedding photography is within the reach of many amateurs, however never underestimate what is required!

The aim of this 'wedding photography for photographers' site is to give you a broad overview of the procedure on the day of the wedding. It will also point you in the right direction regarding training.

There are 2 fundamental approaches to wedding photography. One, of course, is the traditional, which has withstood the test of time for almost 3 centuries now.

posing brideThe traditional approach is what is often covered in guides on how to photograph a wedding. After all, the methods for traditional wedding photography are relatively simple as they merely involve established poses during and after the wedding ceremony.

The photojournalistic approach was developed as a direct response to the rather static – some say boring aspect of traditional wedding photography.

Whereas traditional wedding photography requires the bride and groom, and even their family and friends, to pose for the camera, the photojournalistic approach takes on a more spontaneous style. Shots are candid.

Images tell a story. The photographer is given more freedom to experiment and to stamp his or her signature on the photos captured.

But since we’re talking about how to photograph a wedding – tips for beginners to be exact – one question begs an answer: which approach should a novice wedding photographer take?

Should you settle for the traditional approach which most couples desire for posterity? Or should you try your hand on the seemingly more rewarding – at least from a creative point of view – photojournalistic approach?

Here’s my advice.

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cutting the cake posing

These days, a wedding photographer is supposed to capture important moments of the wedding. Some of these moments are indeed expected to be presented via the traditional approach.

However some of these moments allow a lighter, more subdued, and a more dynamic approach.

In short, you can employ a photojournalistic style without dumping the traditional expectations of the couple and their family members.

Traditional poses are usually expected pre-celebration and post-celebration. Pre-celebration poses include the bride standing beside her wedding gown, the groom displaying the wedding rings, the bride being assisted by her maid/maiden of honor and /or her family members.

Post-celebration poses include the newlyweds by the altar, the newlyweds joined by the brides family, the newlyweds joined by the groom’s family, and the newlyweds joined by their entourage.

Shots outside of these moments can be taken using the photojournalistic approach.

You will be free to exercise your creativity on the images as long as you capture the moments that matter, the moments that will define the wedding.

Posing the Bride

Knowing how to pose a bride for photographs is essential to capturing beautiful pictures of the biggest day of her life. Establishing good communication with the bride so that you can ensure that you both get what you want out of the pictures, as well putting her at ease as you pose her.

Most important is having your bride relax in her photos. Locked knees, a tight grip on the bouquet or tension in the shoulders will show up badly in the photographs. You don’t want the photographs to look staged or unnatural.
The position of a bride’s feet is important, even when her feet are covered by the gown. Avoid having her feet planted side by side. Ask her to point her toes so that it will shift her weight to the back foot, create a more natural look and give her silhouette attractive curves.By posing her body slightly to the right or left, she will appear slimmer in the photo.

Her entire body should never be square with the camera but rather it should be at some angle, even if it is a slight one.

When holding her bouquet have the bride position her elbows slightly away from her sides, creating just a small separation between her body and her arm, which will cause a cut-in of the waistline in the photos which will make her appear slimmer.

Have the bride pose her face by lowering her chin slightly so that her eyes are the focal point, not her chin. This will cause her eyes to look bigger. Simply asking a bride to open her eyes more may cause more tension in her forehead. But lowering her chin too much can cause a double chin so work with her to achieve the best angle which looks the most natural.

 You can also shoot from a vantage point higher than the bride to get shots which elongates her neck and creates flattering pictures.

Don’t forget to get candid shots as well. Capture pictures of the bride as she interacts with family and friends as well as posed shots to create a bridal portfolio that will make a very satisfied bride.

Remember these tips when it comes to learning how to photograph a wedding. I hope you find many useful tips on this site.


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