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Becoming a Wedding Photographer

The journey towards becoming a wedding photographer can be very fun and rewarding. Here are 7 tips that will make the ride even more satisfying and enriching.

1. Invest in the right equipment. Technically speaking, either medium format, or digital cameras suffice for wedding shoots.

However, each type of camera will suit particular techniques, styles and effects. Medium format cameras will provide the highest resolutions possible, but may be a tad too slow when it comes to capturing events as they happen. Digital cameras provide such convenience as well as better control over the quality of the images.

2. It’s all about the couple. A wedding is about the union of two lives and a celebration of their love. With all that happens in a wedding, it is easy to lose sight of the centrepiece of the event, which is the couple themselves. Every shot, or at least the majority of the photos should include the couple. This is the cardinal rule that you should always remember in becoming a wedding photographer.

3. It’s also about their respective families. A wedding also includes the family members, of course. Get the bride’s family to pose with the couple. Afterwards, get the groom’s family to do the same. Also get both families to pose with the couple, as a wedding is likewise the union of two clans. Important shots to take: groom’s parents meeting the bride’s parents, bride’s parents giving the “farewell kiss” to their daughter, bride’s dance with her father, and other similar ‘emotional’ moments.

4. Telling a story. There will be numerous tales during the wedding, all of which are waiting to be shot. Each family member, each of the couple’s friends, the children attending the event, all of them will have stories to tell. Keep an open eye and capture these stories as they unfold. Such a photojournalistic approach will win for you the admiration of many.

5. Backgrounds enhance moments. “Steal” the couple for a few minutes and have them pose amidst a variety of backdrops. It may be as elaborate as the seaside, or as simple as a brick wall. It may be as uncanny as downtown traffic, or as common as the afternoon skyline. Additionally, a wider choice of backdrops will allow you to be more creative with your shots.

In becoming a wedding
photographer, you should develop your own repertoire of potential backdrops to use for on-the-fly wedding shoots.

6. Be creative without dumping the traditional. Speaking of creativity, you can be as creative as you want to be to make the wedding shoot as unique and memorable as possible. However, do not forget the traditional shots expected from a wedding coverage.

7. Capture KEY moments. It is perfectly alright to experiment. However, some key moments should never be missed by your lens, e.g. the bride walking down the aisle, couple exchanging vows, first kiss as husband and wife, exchange of rings, couple and family after the ceremony, couple with each group of guests, best man’s toast and other similar moments. Becoming a wedding photographer involves knowing these key moments by heart.

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