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Photographing a Wedding

Procedure Before the Ceremony

 The Guests Arriving.

Prepare for the guests arriving.  Check exposure and if you are using fill-in flash set appropriate values on auto flash setting.  Set daylight exposure on camera manually.

Choose an appropriate spot to photograph the guests as they arrive. 

photographing wedding guestsShoot the guests full length, however if you are stuck with an unattractive background, three-quarter length is often more appropriate.

Groom, Best Man and Bridesmaids

On their arrival, greet Groom and Best Man.  Congratulate him, tell him how smart he looks, he'll probably be a little nervous and will appreciate the compliment. 

Explain to the Best Man where you intend to shoot the wedding and ask him to inform the rest of the Bridal party.  This simple instruction can prevent possible confusion later. 

The Bridesmaids Arrive

The Bridesmaids should arrive next - take one full length and one three-quarter length of them, and one portrait of the Maid/Chief Bridesmaid alone.

The Bride Arrives

When the Bridal car arrives, ask Bride and Father to remain seated, you should compliment her at this point, it will help
her relax.

Take a flash shot posing bride and dad in carrfrom inside the car then ask Father to step outside the car and take his daughter's hand as if helping her out of car.



Take another shot of Bride and Father standing posing bride and fatheroutside the car, and then approaching the church entrance. 

A shot of Bride and Father with Best Maid/Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man in the church doorway could also be taken. 

You should also take one of the Bride and her Father at the church entrance.  Take a shot of Best Maid/Chief Bridesmaid attending to the Bride, you should work quickly at this point.

Leave the front of the church and take up position to shoot the Bridal party arriving at the top of the aisle.

When photographng a wedding, the above routine will more often than not be the correct and required procedure.

 Wedding Photography Tips

posing bride and groom 
posing bride 

bride and groom posing

 posing bride and flowergirl