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Photographing a Wedding

Professional Approach

A Professional Approach is Essential

I must remind you of the importance of discarding the label of amateur.  I will emphasise the often-underestimated importance of projecting a professional image and presentation in the promotion and delivery of your service, even if it is provided on a part time basis.

Even if you are what you may class an amateur photographer, you must never portray the image of an amateur. 

However nervous you may feel either when visiting a client, or on the day of the shoot you must never allow it to show.  You should always be seen to be totally in command of the situation, even if at times you don’t feel that way.

This is particularly true for wedding photography, where people are depending on you to direct their actions, delivering maximum quality coverage with minimal disruption to the other proceedings.  You must at all times project a professional attitude and practical approach. 

This will be enabled partly by the knowledge that you are well prepared for any eventuality.  I cannot over emphasise this statement - be prepared for any eventuality!  The knowledge within this guide will help you here.
First Impressions are Lasting

First impressions are more important than you think.  First impressions can open, or close many doors of opportunity for you.  My previous occupation involved me in the field of Psychology.  This taught me a lot about people and their behaviour.  It is well known that the image you project through first impressions will cause people to form a lasting impression of what they think you may be like.  They will attribute to you traits and qualities associated with that first impression and will find it difficult to change this impression of you, so make it a good one. 

There is a direct relationship between image management and profit. Perceived professionalism is what drives the objectives of modern marketing.

Use this knowledge to your advantage - dress as smartly as you can!  This may sound like common sense to you, if it does, that is good.  It is amazing how many photographers ignore this basic rule of body language by dressing casually.

Body Language

Another useful fact to remember is that people often reflect the facial expression of those with whom they are communicating.  You can coax or repeatedly request people to smile by using key words and phrases, but nothing works better than smiling yourself!  Bear this in mind and you will improve the quality and profitability of your photographs.

I recommend that you get a hold of a book on body language.  If you have an insight into how your subjects are feeling you will be able to adjust your behaviour accordingly.

Wedding Photography Tips 

posing bride and groom 
posing bride 

bride and groom posing

 posing bride and flowergirl