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Photographing the Bride

How you photograph the bride on the day of her wedding will dictate the success of your wedding photography business.

The Bride Arriving

When the Bridal car arrives, ask the Bride and her Father to remain seated, you should compliment her at this point, it will help her relax. Take a flash shot from inside the car then ask Father to step outside the car and take his daughter's hand as if helping her out of car.

Be very patient at this point, they will both be very nervous. Take another shot of Bride and Father standing outside the car, and then approaching the church entrance. Work quickly here, thye will be keen to get into the Church.

A shot of Bride and Father with Best Maid/Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man in the church doorway could also be taken.

You should also take one of the Bride and her Father at the church entrance. Take a shot of Best Maid/Chief Bridesmaid attending to the Bride, you should work quickly at this point.

During The Wedding Service and Signing Register

Always be discreet and non disruptive in the church. If you have been given permission try to capture the exchange of rings but be very discreet. Any shots you miss at this point can be posed after the service.

In the majority of cases the Minster will wish to allow a proper signing and then allow you to pose a shot. Congratulate the couple using their new name, this will raise a smile.

The Aisle Shot

Leave the front of the church and take up position to shoot the Bridal party arriving at the top of the aisle.

There are two ways of capturing the aisle shot, either pre-focus on a chosen spot and take the shot as the couple reach it or, ask the couple to stop. If you get them to stop, focus quickly then ask them to start walking again, at this point take the shot.

The Car Shot

The Bride and Groom will now proceed to the car to travel to the reception. You can either capture the car shot now, or if you want to arrive at the place of reception before the couple, leave now and be there in time to greet the car arriving.  Ensure that the groom is closest to the camera if you are photographing at a slight angle, this will help negate the possibility of making the bride look too big.

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Photographing the Bride

posing bride and groom 
posing bride 

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 posing bride and flowergirl