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Photography Sales and Marketing

Wedding and Portrait Photography Sales and Marketing Tips

The report I recommend explains how to better acquire, retain and develop loyal customers. Without this you will not be in business for long.

It describes what potential clients are looking for, what stops them from engaging a professional photographer and how you can best overcome their concerns.

It then shows how to foster more profitable relationships with clients in the long
term and how they can be a more effective sales-force on your behalf for both wedding and portrait assignments.

The report and recommendations look at the journey a client takes in choosing and commissioning a photographer; understanding the qualities and benefits they look for, the amount they expect to pay and the sort of service they hope to

By reading this report and, in effect, listening to what customers have to say, you will understand better how to acquire more wedding and portraiture clients, satisfy their needs and send them out, happy to recommend you to others.

As you’ll see from their responses, when a potential client begins to look for a photographer, they aren’t looking for creativity or even the cost of the service, but for a photographer who seems willing to ‘Listen to what I want’. This concern clearly illustrates the high price your customers feel is at stake when selecting a wedding photographer, and it’s the recurring theme running through the data within this survey and report.

It highlights the overall ‘strategy’ to adopt with your photography business rather than the simple tactics that might win over a one-off customer.

Tactics may win a battle, but the strategy you build your business upon will give you overall success.

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 photography sales and marketing

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