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How Much Time Will it Take?

 Never settle for less time than you know the job deserves.  You will be pressured in many cases to do the job in less time than you initially quoted.  You are providing a professional service; it takes time to do it properly.  You wouldn’t expect the drivers to save time by speeding, or the baker to save time on cooking the cake, so why should you be expected to be any different!

 Provide Reassurance of Backup

 This is one of the keys to providing ‘peace of mind’ for the couple, it is the nearest you will get to guaranteeing that they will have a photographer.

 Give the couple the reassurance that if for any reason you were unable to manage on the day (for example due to illness) another photographer would do the job.  You should have a standing arrangement with other photographers, which ensures that you can confidently offer this service.  You will find that other photographers will be more than happy to share this type of arrangement as a mutual insurance against their own potential failure to provide coverage on the day.


 Approximately two weeks previous to the wedding day thoroughly check your equipment.

 This will give you time to repair or replace any suspect parts. This check should be repeated on the morning of the wedding.  Some photographers use a Polaroid back to check that their camera is functioning properly on the wedding day.  I feel confident enough with a guide check of all camera functions.  

 Speak with the Couple

 You should also telephone the couple 2 to 3 days before the wedding date to check and confirm all details; it is surprising how often these can change between booking and the actual wedding day.  

 Check Location

Your preparation must also include a visit to the church and place of reception, also to any local park that you intend to use for location.  This will give you the opportunity of planning backdrops and plotting quickest driving routes between church and locations.  It will also allow to check the direction of sunlight and to seek any permission needed to photograph.

 On The Day

 You should check the weather forecast; this can be done by telephone, teletext or Internet on the wedding day.  This will prepare you and allow you to plan for mainly exterior or interior shots.  However, you must also be prepared for the unexpected, I once shot a complete wedding outside in the rain at the insistence of the bride.

 Wedding Photography Tips

posing bride and groom 
posing bride 

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 posing bride and flowergirl