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Wedding Photography Courses and Seminars

Learn Wedding Photography Quickly

Worried you are not good enough?

Take a course on Wedding Photography the easy way!

Many of the portfolios you see online are filled with great shots, sure. Most of those shots come from a variety of many different weddings. Don't feel that you need to be able to shoot award-winning images with every click of the shutter.

As long as you can learn to consistently produce well exposed and well composed images that tell the story of the day, you are on the right track.

Over time with more and more weddings under your belt, you will also start to build a library of cracking images that will eventually make up a stunning portfolio!

But how do I learn is the question I'm often asked?

Watch a wedding photographer at work and ask questions is the easiest way by far.

 Worried about the cost?

Training is never a 'cost', it's a necessary investment in your future.

I have spent thousands over the years perfecting my photography business whether it is on equipment, software, advertising and marketing, training and studying or anything else I thought necessary. You won't get anywhere without spending a little money...well, you will but a lot slower.

I now feel that I have a fantastic, enjoyable business, not just because of the work, but also because of all the "fun stuff" I have to play with that helps my creativity at every opportunity.

I have never had such a buzz in business as I do from shooting a wedding...it is like a drug. I keep trying to quit so I can concentrate on teaching others through my websites and courses but it keeps calling me back. How can you refuse when you are asked to shoot a wedding for your top end package in Spain or Italy or even the Caribbean?

Now you can attend a wedding photography course without actually leaving the house!

Get a copy of this excellent video seminar now and rest assured that you have my full support, any time, as you set up and move forward with your wedding photography business!

DVD 1 - Getting Ready - Filmed in a 19th Century British Stately Home - 1hr 56mins

  • Introduction
  • The Importance of Preparation
  • The Reccie Visit
  • The Bride Getting Ready
  • Detail Shots
  • Camera Settings Throughout the Day (Apertures, Shutter Speeds, ISO's, Manual etc)
  • Shooting with Flash and Natural Light
  • Photoshop Tutorials including Recovering Poor Images, Brightening and Colouring Dull Images, Working on RAW Images with and without Flash, Correcting the Pin Cushion Effect from Wide Angle Lenses, Adding a Frame for Presentation
  • Sample Student Images
  • Most Images Show Exif Data from the Camera Used
  • Plays on DVD Player or Computer

DVD 2 - Shooting the Ceremony - Filmed In a Typical English Church - 1hr 36mins

  • Introduction
  • Reccying the Church
  • The Bride's Arrival
  • Shooting the Ceremony
  • Coping with Low Light
  • Formal Shots and Groups
  • To Flash or not to Flash (and the Difference Between the Two)
  • Mixing Ambient Light with Flash
  • Camera Settings Throughout the Ceremony and Formals
  • Photoshop Tutorials Including Correcting Colour Casts and Correcting Underexposed Images
  • Exif Data Shown on Many Images
  • Plays on DVD Player or Computer

DVD 3 - Shooting the Reception - Filmed in a 19th Century British Stately Home - 1hr 31mins

  • Introduction
  • Bride and Groom Portraits
  • Coping with Poor Light and No Flash
  • Mixing Ambient Light with Flash
  • Shooting and Lighting the Reception Using Simple Techniques and Settings
  • Dealing with Low Light
  • Cake Cutting
  • Camera Settings Throughout the Reception
  • Photoshop Tutorials Including Using the Clone Tool to Recover Big Mistakes plus How to Pull Amazing Colours from Bland RAW Reception Images Shot at a High End Wedding in London
  • A Talk About Equipment Needed for the Standard Wedding Photographer
  • Plays on DVD Player or Computer

DVD 4 - Bonus Material

  • 99 Page eBook on the entire Wedding Photography Blueprint - Includes information not covered in the DVD's
  • Free Copy of 97 Page PDF eBook on Getting Started in Property Photography
  • Free Copy of 111 Page PDF eBook on Advanced Photography Tips
  • Free Copy of 19 Page PDF eBook on an Introduction to the DSLR
  • 45 Minute Interview with a Successful International Wedding Photographer
  • 30 Minute Interview with a Successful Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer
  • Short Interview with Wedding Couple Discussing Their Needs When Looking for a Wedding Photographer
  • MP4 iPod Files of DVD's 1, 2 and 3
  • 3 Extra Photoshop Tutorials
  • Plays on Computer Only

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posing bride 

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 posing bride and flowergirl