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How to Photograph a Wedding - Wedding Photography Tips


  • Posing the Bride
    Posing the bride at a wedding is one of the key elements of your task when photographing a wedding. The bride will expect photographs that reflect her beauty and elegance on the wedding day.
  • Before the Wedding Ceremony
    When asked for advice on how to photograph a wedding ceremony I usually give an answer which splits the day into two distinct parts, that is before the wedding ceremony and after the ceremony. This page will highlight the procedure of taking photographs before the wedding ceremony.
  • Preparation for Wedding Photography
    When planning to photograph a wedding you will need to take care to prepare for the day. Preparation for photographing a wedding is the prerequisite to a successful wedding photography shoot.
  • Image of a Professional Photographer
    If you want to be a professional wedding photographer you must act like one before you get there! Portrayinbg the image of a professional photographer will give you more confidence and will impress your customers.
  • Photographic Equipment
    The equipment for photographing a wedding is important, however not nearly as important as many photographers think.
  • Registry Office Weddings
    Photographing a wedding at the registry office is quite different from church weddings.

 How to Photograph a Wedding

posing bride and groom 
posing bride 

bride and groom posing

 posing bride and flowergirl